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Autumn Tooms Cyprès

Autumn Tooms Cypres

Autumn Tooms Cyprès

founding dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences at Wvu

Autumn Tooms Cyprès is a curious and fired-up learner who has spent 25 years studying the difference between how leadership is understood and how leadership is practiced in everyday life. She has traveled many country roads from a childhood in the Arizona desert to a happy-ever-after home in West Virginia. Her journey has included service to five universities that serve various Appalachian communities across the United States.

Cyprès has served communities as a McDonalds cashier, baker, emergency room clerk, bill collector, chemistry teacher, school principal, professor, author, change agent, university administrator and now founding dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences at West Virginia University. She knows what it feels like to be underestimated, discounted and ignored. She also knows what it feels like to be heard, inspired and nurtured. In truth, places of learning can be empowering or soul-crushing. Cyprès’ life’s purpose is to build bridges with groups of people to ensure places of learning are as inspiring and nurturing as possible.

Cyprès’ favorite hobby is traveling with her husband, Jean Philippe, and her favorite place to visit is the future. Building bridges to a future centered on inspiring learners to embrace a purpose-driven life is her favorite hobby.