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Rebecca Erwin  - Student at West Virginia University 

Dr. Clay Marsh - West Virginia University’s Chief Health Officer 

Lauren Marquart - Student at West Virginia University 

Rania Zuri - Student at Morgantown High School


Olivia Dowler - Student at WVU 

Eric Mason - Chief Financial Officer for the City of Quincy, Massachusetts 

Samantha Mariano - Student at WVU 

Cooper Simmerman - Centurion Wealth’s Director of Communications

Mark Garofoli -  Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Experiential Learning for WVU’s SoP  

Hunter Moore - Student at WVU


Raimah Hossain - Student at WVU 

Nicole Russell - Author of "Everything a Bandaid Can't Fix" 

Kassie Colón - WVU Graduate 

Christina Fattore - Professor at WVU


Ali Rezai - WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute

Amanda Messer - Co-founder of Because I said I Would

Anthony Zolezzi - CEO of Twinlab Consolidated Holdings

Emma Harrison - Student at WVU

Shan Cawley - Student at WVU

Eric Minor - Host

April Kaull - Host


Emily Calandrelli - Executive Producer and host of FOX's                                            Xploration Outer Space

Ginny Thrasher - Olympic Gold Medalist 

Flynn Pollard - Assistant Professor at Bethany College 

George Cicci - Chief Marketing Officer at Impakt Media 

Dr. Judith Feinberg - WVU School of Medicine

Ann Chester - Founder of Health Sciences and Technology                              Academy

John Ebert - Owner of McDonald's franchises

Sara Berzingi - Student at WVU

Daniel Brewster - Faculty in the WVU Department of                                                   Sociology and Anthropology

Eric Minor - Host

April Kaull - Host

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