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Rania Zuri

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 Rania Zuri is a junior at Morgantown High School and CEO/Founder of The LiTEArary Society, a WV youth-led 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of promoting the love of reading among children, ages 3-5, from disadvantaged families. Concerned about the vast “book deserts” that exist in rural areas where children do not have access to books at home, Rania started The WV Head Start Road Tour in which she gifted a brand new book (all award winning or bestselling titles) to each and every child enrolled in Head Start in entire state West Virginia, for a total of 6778 (over 80k in value). Rania is also the President of UNICEF at Morgantown High and is interested in Appalachian studies, as well as poverty issues in rural America. She was most recently invited to write an Op-Ed in Teen Vogue about her experience with The WV Head Start Road Tour and The LiTEArary Society.