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Husain Yusuf

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Husain Yusuf (he/him), Website Chair

Husain Yusuf is a junior Computer Science student with a minor in Business Data Analytics, born and raised in Duraz, Bahrain. He has always taken an active role in serving his community back home and wanted to continue that in Morgantown, West Virginia. Asides from being the Website and Design Chair for TEDxWVU, he is a tutor at the Math Learning Center (MLC), a part time employee at the IT service desk, and a member of several clubs and organizations such as CyberWVU and the international student soccer club. Husain is an avid enthusiast of photography, works of fiction, cats, and all that is geek culture with a special emphasis in technology and anime. He hopes to further improve his skills as a programmer to contribute to the world through his passion in the engineering and development aspects of software. 

Why did you join TEDxWVU?

I joined because of the value that one can find in the experiences of others. TEDx is all about the ideas that are worth spreading, whether that is on a global or local scale.

What is your favorite thing about our organization?

The extra-attention and care that is put into inclusivity and respecting one another