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Federico Perez Munoz

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   Federico is currently a Junior at West Virginia University pursuing a dual degree in Accounting andFinance, minoring in Data Analytics, but mainly focused on Entrepreneurship and Investments. He became the youngest intern in the U.S. at Ernst and Young (EY) for the year 2017, after being the only freshmen working during the summer in the country. From a young age, he understood the value of acquiring knowledge through experience, mentors, and books. His second semester in school he interned with a property management company to learn about Real Estate while using his skills in social media optimization to help the company grow. After being the Store Manager at Snackaholics US, a three-year start-up in the Morgantown area, dealing with marketing, inventory, training and cash management for the store, he decided to start his second venture which focused on the B2C market via eCommerce and the B2B market by helping local businesses market their products and brands through the venture's social media platforms. Currently, he and his partner work with 10 different clients and generate over 300 orders per month through their eCommerce. He is also a student ambassador for the John Chambers College of Business and Economics and founder of Mount, a party service provider for college students who focuses on three different main aspects; Experience, Quality and Safety.