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Allie Satterfield - Chair, License Holder 

Nicole Andino - Event Planning Chair 

Andrés Warren - Public Relations and Marketing Chair 

Amelia Jones - Speakers Chair      

Karoline Edmonds - Website and Design Chair      

Jason Pohl - Technology and Production Chair      

Alek Kesselring - Sponsorships Chair 

Raafay Uqaily - Event Staff Chair 


Noelle Forde - Chair, License Holder

Allie Satterfield - Co-chair

Nicole Andino - Event Planning Committee Leader

Andre Toledo-Gatica - Sponsorships Committee Co-chair

Nick Paci - Volunteer Committee Leader

Federico Perez Munoz - Sponsorships Committee Co-chair

Karoline Edmonds - Website and Design Committee Leader


Shannon Cunningham - Chair, License Holder

Anna Saab - Co-curator, Social Media Manager 

Keith Heisler - Co-chair 

Nick Paci - Volunteer Committee Leader 

Ashley O'Neil - Event Planning Leader 

Federico Perez Munoz - Sponsorships Committee Leader 

Oliver Wiegand - Website and Design Committee Leader

Kassy Taylor - Executive Board Member

Gina Dahlia - Faculty Chair

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